Outdoor Lighting in Vancouver

Outdoor lighting in Vancouver (landscape lighting) can transform your property and bring it alive at night. Whether you want your property to appear bigger, smaller or highlight certain sections of your yard, your outdoor lighting options are endless.
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Tips for Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Ever wondered where your food comes from? If you are like most people it comes from the mountains of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables that are always available at the grocery store. Recently there has been a strong movement to find out exactly how our produce is grown, the biggest trend being the anti-GMO movement.
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Our backyard needed more than a lift and you gave us what we were looking for; a beautiful visual element with an air of serenity to our outdoor space. You evaluated our yard and created a landscape design plan suitable to the size and elements of our yard. You capitalized on what we had and of…
Bill & Myronia Smith