How to Protect your Garden from the Heat

British Columbia is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave this year, as evidenced by the numerous wild fires still consuming large portions of our province. While we are not as dry as California (yet), it is important to consider a couple of key steps to protect your garden from the heat of summer.
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Synthetic Grass in Vancouver

Are you tired of all the care and attention required by natural grass lawns? We decided to detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of both natural grass and artificial turf lawns. Synthetic grass in Vancouver is becoming much more popular for a variety of reasons, and not just west of the Fraser River. You can find artificial turf lawns all across the Lower Mainland.
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2015 Landscaping Trends

As we enter into the summer months Blossom Hill would like to highlight some of the top 2015 landscaping trends for your property in British Columbia. We are surrounded by some of the most pristine and natural scenery found anywhere in the world, there is no reason why your own corner of the planet can’t match its surroundings!
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Our backyard needed more than a lift and you gave us what we were looking for; a beautiful visual element with an air of serenity to our outdoor space. You evaluated our yard and created a landscape design plan suitable to the size and elements of our yard. You capitalized on what we had and of…
Bill & Myronia Smith