Winter Landscaping Tips

Wednesday, September 23rd was the first day of autumn, and we thought this would be a good time to discuss some winter landscaping tips. Landscaping during the rest of the year is mostly about installing new gardens, hardscape features and generally improving the look of your property. During this time of year it is important to protect your lawn, shrubs and garden from the coming winter weather.
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Garden Terraces for Small Spaces

Terrace gardens come in all shapes, sizes and designs. We have created urban rooftop gardens and small patio gardens in suburban areas. The beauty of a garden terrace is the ability to make the most of limited space with innovative landscape designs. The picture featured above is of course a large example of a terraced garden, but you can see how the idea can be scaled down to suite almost any space.
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The difference between landscape maintenance and landscape design

In the recent past many people thought of landscaping as little more than mowing a lawn and keeping the hedges trimmed. However, as the industry has evolved, companies capable of landscape design have set themselves apart from your common lawn care company. Landscape design can add value to your home, improve your outdoor living space and generally improve your lifestyle.
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We hired Blossom Hill landscape and design to come up with a modern design concept for our front and back yard of our house. I have to say Ed and his employees did an outstanding job and blow us away when we came back from our holidays. My yard looks like out of a magazine Thanks Blossom Hill team!
Susan Jones