Avoid Maintaining your Lawn this summer

Meteorologists are predicting a hot a dry summer this year, which can only mean one thing! Water restrictions, get used to them because they are coming like it or not. For a potential solution to this problem we refer you to our earlier article on Rainwater Harvesting. With impending restrictions, keeping your grass green or even trying to mow your lawn will become more difficult. If you want to avoid maintaining your lawn this summer, we have some alternatives for you to consider.
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Preparing your Landscape for Summer Storms

In British Columbia we experience hot and dry summers (lately), however, you can count on a few summer storms to hit the area. These storms can be violent and cause damage to infrastructure, houses and landscapes. Since summer officially starts on June 20th, we thought we would get a head start on preparing your landscape for summer storms.
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Blossom Hill Landscape and Design has provided landscaping services to Spadina Place for over five years. Their primary responsibilities were lawn care, flower bed maintenance, and fall pruning and cleanup. Blossom Hill carried out its duties to the complete satisfaction of the Strata Council. Their…
Spadina Place