How to Collect Rainwater in BC

As we close in on the winter months in BC, you may have noticed the vast amount of rain that we get this time of year. While the rest of the country freezes, our climate in the Lower Mainland remains relatively warm with only small amounts of sub-zero temperatures. So while it is snowing on the mountains, here are some tips for how to collect rainwater in BC.
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Our New Look

Blossom Hill Landscape & Design is excited to announce its transformation from our original concept, Busy Beaver Landscape & Design. We have developed a new logo and business name that reflects our commitment to the environment and high standards of service in the landscaping industry.
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Blossom Hill Landscape and Design has provided landscaping services to Spadina Place for over five years. Their primary responsibilities were lawn care, flower bed maintenance, and fall pruning and cleanup. Blossom Hill carried out its duties to the complete satisfaction of the Strata Council. Their…
Spadina Place