Project Landscaping in BC

Project landscaping in BC is more than trimming hedges and mowing lawns. If you are looking to make major physical changes to your property, you need the services of a project landscaping expert. Design and build landscaping involves strategy to determine what can be created given the restrictions of your property.
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BC Winter Storm Property Survival Tips

The Winter Solstice may not be until Dec 21st, however we are in full-blown winter weather here in British Columbia. BC winter storms usually consist of rain, wind and sometimes snow. This year we are likely in for more ice than usual. This is a great time to discuss some BC winter storm property survival tips.
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Our backyard needed more than a lift and you gave us what we were looking for; a beautiful visual element with an air of serenity to our outdoor space. You evaluated our yard and created a landscape design plan suitable to the size and elements of our yard. You capitalized on what we had and of…
Bill & Myronia Smith