Landscaping for Privacy in Vancouver

Although we are not yet competing with the massive population concentrations in the mega-cites of LA, NYC and Miami, Vancouver is still a growing city and the entire Lower Mainland has seen its population levels increasingly rise over the years. Landscaping for privacy in Vancouver and the across the Lower Mainland is important for your own sanity and peace-of-mind. You need a place of serenity to relax and cut yourself off from the rest of the world, that place is usually your back yard.
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Landscaping on a Steep Slope

Landscaping on a steep slope or hillside presents a few challenges that must be overcome with proper planning and forethought. In the Lower Mainland there are a number of steep grades, hillsides, mountains or even just small hills that we have built residential homes on. Often you will see steep driveways or even front yards that have a sharp downward angles. The home will of course be built level (we hope) but the landscape has to be held together otherwise gravity will come into play.
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Our backyard needed more than a lift and you gave us what we were looking for; a beautiful visual element with an air of serenity to our outdoor space. You evaluated our yard and created a landscape design plan suitable to the size and elements of our yard. You capitalized on what we had and of…
Bill & Myronia Smith