Building a Water Garden in BC

Even if you live in a small house in a dense suburb, there is no reason you can’t enhance the look and feel of your property by building a water garden in BC! Water gardens should look natural and fit seamlessly with your other landscape features. Achieving the right textures and colours can be difficult for the inexperienced, we recommend contacting a landscape design expert when building a water garden in BC.
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The Importance of a Landscape Site Analysis in BC

A landscape site analysis in BC is incredibly important considering the often challenging conditions we face in this beautiful province. From experience we can tell you that even the most thorough analysis and plan can be thrown off by what we find unseen under the ground. However, landscape site analysis can help avoid costly mistakes.
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We hired Blossom Hill landscape and design to come up with a modern design concept for our front and back yard of our house. I have to say Ed and his employees did an outstanding job and blow us away when we came back from our holidays. My yard looks like out of a magazine Thanks Blossom Hill team!
Susan Jones