Emerald Green Trees are Perfect for Privacy Screens

Officially classified under the scientific name, Thuja Occidentalis, the “Emerald Green” tree is also part of the Arborvitae species; which means “tree of life.” This is due in part to the alleged medicinal value of its resin. While their medical value is debatable, Emerald Green trees are perfect for privacy screens and to add a touch of colour to your property all year-round.
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Protect your BC Property from Heavy Rains

Although the first day of fall is September 22nd, we are already seeing cooler temperatures compared to July and August. The sun is still shining and now is a perfect time to protect your BC property from heavy rains. We all know what will happen in the fall and winter, monsoon season will be soon upon us and the steps you take now can make your life a whole lot easier in the spring.
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I wish to thank Blossom Hill and staff for a job well done last summer. They listened to my ideas and offered suggestions. They were flexible in terms of how I wanted to approach the landscaping work. They paid attention to detail for placing the right plant in the right place. They have an artistic…
Barry McGrath