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Attract Hummingbirds to your Garden

If you enjoy both gardening and bird watching, there are many plants available that will attract hummingbirds to your garden. Even better than the store-bought bird feeders you are used to seeing. Also, hummingbirds prefer bright vibrant colours, so you will have the added benefit of a garden that is practical and pleasing to look at.
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Build a Berm in your BC Landscape

You have probably seen many landscaping berms in your lifetime without realizing what they were, or what they are for. The concept behind a berm is simple and easy to take for granted, but they have several benefits for your property. In this article we will discuss how to build a berm in your BC landscape, and some of the reasons you should consider it.
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Emerald Green Trees are Perfect for Privacy Screens

Officially classified under the scientific name, Thuja Occidentalis, the “Emerald Green” tree is also part of the Arborvitae species; which means “tree of life.” This is due in part to the alleged medicinal value of its resin. While their medical value is debatable, Emerald Green trees are perfect for privacy screens and to add a touch of colour to your property all year-round.
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Protect your BC Property from Heavy Rains

Although the first day of fall is September 22nd, we are already seeing cooler temperatures compared to July and August. The sun is still shining and now is a perfect time to protect your BC property from heavy rains. We all know what will happen in the fall and winter, monsoon season will be soon upon us and the steps you take now can make your life a whole lot easier in the spring.
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Concrete Paving Stones for your BC Landscape

Concrete paving stones for your BC landscape are valued for the low-cost and long term durability. They are a great alternative to poured concrete or asphalt, the large slabs tend to bend and crack over time. Originally this technology came from Europe, after WW2 they needed an affordable way or rebuilding streets damaged by the fighting.
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Tips for Landscaping Around a Pool

Choosing the right hard and soft landscaping features around your pool creates the right look for your outdoor living space. The pool always the focal point of your back yard, choosing the right plants will show off the pool effectively. The wrong choices can detract from the entire scene, or even worse overshadow the focal point of your yard. Here are some tips for landscaping around a pool!
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Multipurpose Landscape Design Ideas

Blossom Hill believes in maximizing the use of any space, no matter the size. Every dollar you spend on your landscape can be twice as useful with a little creativity during the design phase. Landscape design elements can both solve a problem and create an amenity at the same time. Here are some multipurpose landscape design ideas for you to consider.
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Hillside Landscaping in BC

Hillside landscaping in BC has to address the simple problem of holding your property in place. Even a small hill on your property can present challenges and create long-term problems if not addressed properly. Designs will vary depending on the location, materials and surrounding properties, however the basics will be the same for most. You need to hold the soil in place to prevent erosion.
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Garden Paths and Walkways for Your Landscape

Garden paths and walkways for your landscape are generally a necessary hardscape element in most designs. Your landscape may contain functional areas such as a sandbox for the kids, or purely aesthetic elements such as a small fountain or pond. Regardless, you need to plan access from one area to another to prevent visitors from traipsing where they are not supposed to, and provide an easy path for regular maintenance.
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