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Designing a Winter Landscape in BC

When designing your landscape it is easy to only focus on the growing season and forget about the long winter. In BC we have been blessed with relatively mild winters for a number of years, until the 2016/2017 winter season. Meteorologists are predicting an increase in cold weather this year again. Designing a winter landscape in BC means you are planning to enjoy your landscape in all seasons, not just when the flowers are blooming!
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Preparing your BC Property for Winter

Preparing your BC property for winter is often an overlooked task, but has many benefits when done correctly. Although we are still technically in the middle of fall, we have already seen the first snowflakes start to fall and we are preparing for what could be a long and cold winter. Here are some tips on preparing your BC property for winter:
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Building a Water Garden in BC

Even if you live in a small house in a dense suburb, there is no reason you can’t enhance the look and feel of your property by building a water garden in BC! Water gardens should look natural and fit seamlessly with your other landscape features. Achieving the right textures and colours can be difficult for the inexperienced, we recommend contacting a landscape design expert when building a water garden in BC.
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The Importance of a Landscape Site Analysis in BC

A landscape site analysis in BC is incredibly important considering the often challenging conditions we face in this beautiful province. From experience we can tell you that even the most thorough analysis and plan can be thrown off by what we find unseen under the ground. However, landscape site analysis can help avoid costly mistakes.
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Landscaping for Privacy in Vancouver

Although we are not yet competing with the massive population concentrations in the mega-cites of LA, NYC and Miami, Vancouver is still a growing city and the entire Lower Mainland has seen its population levels increasingly rise over the years. Landscaping for privacy in Vancouver and the across the Lower Mainland is important for your own sanity and peace-of-mind. You need a place of serenity to relax and cut yourself off from the rest of the world, that place is usually your back yard.
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Landscaping on a Steep Slope

Landscaping on a steep slope or hillside presents a few challenges that must be overcome with proper planning and forethought. In the Lower Mainland there are a number of steep grades, hillsides, mountains or even just small hills that we have built residential homes on. Often you will see steep driveways or even front yards that have a sharp downward angles. The home will of course be built level (we hope) but the landscape has to be held together otherwise gravity will come into play.
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Protect your BC Landscape from Wildfires

As we are still experiencing one of the worst wildfire seasons on record, it is a good idea to discuss some great ideas to protect your BC landscape from wildfires. You can have both a beautiful landscape and defensible fire-zone around your home. For those with acreages on the outskirts of major cities, this is particularly important as you are at risk.
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Rock Gardens for Small Spaces in BC

Not every property has a large area to work with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your space with a beautiful and sturdy rock garden. Rock gardens for small spaces in BC can be used to exploit rocky slopes or to simply add texture to an area that is flat and barren. Here are some things to consider when designing your rock garden.
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The Difference between Arbors and Pergolas

You have likely heard a number of foreign names being thrown around when discussing landscaping structures, but many people don’t actually know what they are. For example, what is the difference between arbors and pergolas? There are several structures that are similar in many ways but also have their own unique characteristics, these include:
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