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Wood Structures for Your Lawn and Garden

Nothing beats the look, feel and smell of freshly cut cedar; or a dark stained maple! Wood structures for your lawn and garden can be functional, just for show, or both. Most people think of decks and patios when they think wood structures, but there are other less obvious ideas that combine both form and function.
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How to Build a Patio on a Budget in Vancouver

Patios are one of the best ways to enjoy the nice weather without leaving the comforts of your home. Not to mention entertaining guests on those long summer nights! When most people think patio they imagine dollar signs floating out of their bank account and disappearing into the air. However, you can build a patio on a budget in Vancouver!
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Landscaping Tips for Selling your House in BC

Selling your home can be scary as it is often your biggest investment on the line. Yet often overlooked is the potential buyer’s first impression of your home from the outside. With the chaos surrounding the sale of a house, the landscape can be overlooked or underdone. Experts agree that the curb appeal of a home can add as much as 25% (depending on the house) to the selling price. Here are some landscaping tips for selling your house in BC.
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Creative Landscaping Solutions for a Small Front Yard in Vancouver

With population growth in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, high density neighborhoods are becoming more common place. We are seeing more town house developments and smaller properties in an effort to make efficient use of the space available to us. Here are some creative landscaping solutions for a small front yard in Vancouver to improve the curb appeal of your property.
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Vancouver BC Landscaping Ideas

Now that spring is upon us, are you looking to add value to your property and spend more time in your backyard this year? We have got you covered with some excellent Vancouver BC landscaping ideas that are sure to improve the appeal of your property.
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