November 3, 2018 Ed Stam

Common BC Landscaping Styles

The first and most important step when planning a new landscape is to decide on a style. Your landscaping style can be determined by the style of your house, personal tastes, environment considerations and practical needs. Choosing a style at the beginning will ensure your landscape looks cohesive, rather than a bunch of random elements that don’t work together. Here are some common BC landscaping styles to consider.

Natural BC

Common BC Landscaping Styles - Natural Landscape

Our province has already provided us with many natural features that can be incorporated into your property. This style of landscape will make your property a natural part of its surroundings and has many benefits. These landscapes tend to be very low-maintenance and have low water requirements. Garden elements typically include boulders and natural pathways that seamlessly integrate with the forests that surround our cities. Hardscape features such as benches, pergolas and gazebos look like an extension of their natural surroundings.


Common BC Landscaping Styles - Modern

Modern or contemporary landscapes are designed to look clean and organized. Straight lines and geometric patterns tend to look more refined and polished. Modern styles rely heavily on hardscape features and often incorporate a lot of poured concrete, concrete pavers and wood. Plants are a key part of a modern landscape, but often minimized and planted in straight rows or small groupings to soften the hardscape areas.

Cottage Garden

Common BC Landscaping Styles - Cottage Garden

A favourite of people with properties in more rural areas, cottage garden landscapes are densely planted with vibrant colours and textures. This style is more informal and often features picket fences, arbors and planters. Although this style requires more maintenance, when done well they can be made to look like your own private wonderland with many species of plants working together.


Common BC Landscaping Styles - Japanese

While not as popular as the styles mentioned above, the Japanese landscaping style can create a peaceful and shady retreat for your family. This style incorporates both modern and cottage garden features that are both heavily planted, yet clean and organized. Japanese style landscapes will often include one or more water features, including Koi ponds, small fountains and creeks. This style requires you to be committed to a meticulous design and on-going maintenance. It is a great option for turning a small backyard into a private oasis.

These are just some of the common BC landscaping styles that we see in this part of the world. But that doesn’t mean you are limited by any one style. You are only limited by your imagination and Blossom Hill Landscape & Design will work with you to bring your ideas from the drawing board into reality. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!

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