June 9, 2018 Ed Stam

Concrete Paving Stones for your BC Landscape

Concrete paving stones for your BC landscape are valued for the low-cost and long term durability. They are a great alternative to poured concrete or asphalt, the large slabs tend to bend and crack over time. Originally this technology came from Europe, after WW2 they needed an affordable way or rebuilding streets damaged by the fighting.

Concrete paving stones can stand along on sand or gravel without a mortar base, making them quick and simple to install. They are also small and easy to handle! Precast paving stones are durable, but even when they need to be replaced the job is much simpler than with poured concrete. A solid paved surface can become a nightmare, requiring extensive demolition to remove the old surface before a new one is set in.

The affordability, durability and the many design options available make concrete paving stones the perfect choice for an urban landscape. Here are some of the different types of stones available:

Tumbled Concrete Pavers

Precast concrete stones are tumbled at the factory to produce a natural looking surface. If you prefer a more “aged” look that mimics natural stone, these are a great option for high traffic areas around your home.

Interlocking Pavers

These stones come in a wide variety of shapes and colours, you can have one solid colour or create a patterned affect for your surface. Many people prefer the look of interlocking pavers to more expensive options such as natural stone and tile.

Permeable Pavers

While all concrete pavers offer increased permeability compared to poured concrete, you can purchase specially designed stones that allow water to drain through openings in the stone itself. If you are looking for a zero-runoff solution for your drive way or pool deck, these stones are an excellent option to consider.

Turf Pavers

These paving stones are designed to provide a solid surface for vehicles to drive over grassy areas. Fire lanes to multifamily housing units are good example of these stones in use. Turf pavers are typically cast in a lattice texture that provides openings large enough for grass to continue to grow through.

If you are looking for a unique surface solution, contact Blossom Hill today to learn more about concrete paving stones for your BC landscape!

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