Before anything can be built, proper site preparation is key to a successful project. Blossom Hill has been excavating properties for over a decade and is surgical in its operation of digging and trenching equipment.

For both commercial and residential properties, Blossom Hill offers a full range of excavation services:

  • Landscape construction and drainage
  • Perimeter drainage
  • Land clearing
  • Rock breaking and removal

At Blossom Hill Landscape and Design, we recognize that anyone with a shovel can dig a hole in the ground. However, as simple as it sounds we see it done incorrectly all the time. We combine experienced operators with well-maintained equipment to ensure an accurate and professional excavation on your property.

Looking to build a retaining wall? Or perhaps you would like to eliminate the unsightly pool of water building in the middle of your lawn. Proper drainage protects the overall health and longevity of your foliage. Trust the experts at Blossom Hill to protect your yard’s aesthetics for years to come.

Blossom Hill Landscape and Design has provided landscaping services to Spadina Place for over five years. Their primary responsibilities were lawn care, flower bed maintenance, and fall pruning and cleanup. Blossom Hill carried out its duties to the complete satisfaction of the Strata Council. Their…
Spadina Place