June 7, 2017 Ed Stam

How to Build a Patio on a Budget in Vancouver

Patios are one of the best ways to enjoy the nice weather without leaving the comforts of your home. Not to mention entertaining guests on those long summer nights! When most people think patio they imagine dollar signs floating out of their bank account and disappearing into the air. However, you can build a patio on a budget in Vancouver!

Of course the size of your patio and materials chosen will be the biggest determining factors in the final cost. However, there are methods of creating a large patio area without breaking the bank!

Furnishings and décor should be secondary when planning a patio. While important of course, it’s important to start with the base, furnishings can always be added/improved at a later date.

So starting with the ground, you need to select the material used for the flooring of your patio. If you are looking for inexpensive you might try gravel or crusher fines. But for those who prefer the “tiled” look of concrete pavers, you may want to consider natural stone from BC. Native stone is typically the least expensive and easiest to install. Natural stone can be straight edged or take a more natural irregular shape, they can also be installed in mortar or sand.

You could also source some old paving stones, the “worn in” look can give your patio a more rustic feel and finish!

Once you have the base established, it is time to talk foliage. There are plenty of ways to save money on any garden elements, including using native plants that are already adapted to the weather in this region. Native plants are generally in great supply which reduces the cost. Also consider starting with smaller trees/shrubs, they can always grow to suit the rest of your patio design!

Furnishings and décor can often be cheaply sourced at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores. You don’t need to start with a custom carved stone bench, but you can certainly work up to it!

If you are looking for more ideas on how to build a patio on a budget in Vancouver, we encourage you to contact Blossom Hill Landscape & Design!

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