Artificial Turf Installation

Blossom Hill is an experienced artificial turf installation company with decades of experience. We always ensure a minimum of 4” or more of gravel, along with proper sloping for drainage purposes. We also ensure that the area is rolled and compacted multiple times before laying the turf and after, to ensure a smooth and level surface.

Artificial turf installation may seem like a difficult process, but if done correctly your turf will be the envy of your neighbours. There are so many benefits to installing artificial or synthetic grass, some of these include:

  • No watering or maintenance of any kind
  • Doesn’t cause allergies
  • Stays green all year round
  • Looks and feels like a real lawn

Besides all the economic benefits of reducing your water bill and eliminating mowing all together, artificial turf installation technology has increased in sophistication over the years. Now Blossom Hill can install a synthetic lawn that is more permeable, has better traction and feels like natural grass. Best of all it is completely safe for children and pets, along with the added benefits of a mud-free lawn!

So stop worrying about brown spots, mowing and weed eating. Start enjoying your lawn instead of constantly maintaining it.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the perfect complement to your landscape. Whether highlighting the features of your home or simply lighting a pathway, outdoor lighting is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Blossom Hill landscape construction division specializes in creating a cohesive space with all elements working together to create the desired effect. We will combine water features, stone elements and custom outdoor lighting to create a unique and custom landscape.

Typically lighting is seen as a safety feature, almost added as an afterthought in some landscapes. However, we prefer to look at outdoor lighting as not only functional but as a method of bringing your landscape to life when the sun goes down.

As with all of our landscaping features, our outdoor lighting ability is only limited by our imagination. Call the outdoor lighting experts at bBlossom Hill to design a custom illumination plan for your landscape.

Custom Driveways and Patios

Blossom Hill has decades of experience installing custom driveways and patios in some of the steepest grades imaginable. Interlocking paving stones are the most popular material for these projects throughout North America.

Paving stones (or pavers) offer so many benefits that traditional concrete cannot match. Individual stones can be replaced easily without having to replace the entire surface. In addition, pavers can shift and bend to ground movements more effectively, eliminating those unsightly cracks often seen in concrete surfaces.

Possibly the biggest benefit to using paving stones is the almost unlimited range of colours and patterns available. Our custom driveways and patios are as unique as they are practical.

While paving stones is the obvious choice when installing a custom driveway or patio, they still have to be installed correctly. Avoid costly mistakes and be sure to use an experienced contractor like Blossom Hill when installing your new driveway or patio.

Stone Features

Nothing quite compares to the rustic character offered by natural or artificial stone features. With so many possibilities, stone features are an excellent addition to any landscape.

Whether it is a retaining wall, stairs, pedestals or fire pits, Blossom Hill employs skilled masons to ensure the proper installation of your stone feature. Stone features are low maintenance and are extremely versatile, able to be molded into almost any shape and design. We enjoy the challenge of creating a completely unique stone feature. Have an idea? We would love to hear it and see if we can bring it to life.

One of our specialties is outdoor fire pits, excellent for entertaining and adding a bit of warmth to your backyard. Typically a fire pit will be the centerpiece of your landscape, so it is extremely important that you choose an experienced masonry expert. Due to the moist climate we experience in BC, improper installation of stone features can result in less than satisfactory results.

Blossom Hill expects your landscape to last the test of time, we build all of our stone features with functionality and longevity in mind.

Water Features

Water features can add the sense of calm and tranquility to your landscape. Whether it is a waterfall or static water feature, Blossom Hill will ensure a beautiful design that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Every water feature we install is custom suited to your property, low maintenance and built to stand the test of time. There are so many options when installing water features, some of the most popular include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Koi habitats
  • Ponds
  • Fountains

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a gentle waterfall or fountain, these features can be integrated with other aspects of your landscape to create a custom space unique to your individual personality.

Blossom Hill combines an artistic flair with real-world construction experience to create a beautiful and functional water feature that can incorporate natural habitats for aquatic creatures or water in motion for a serene environment.

Custom Gardens

Blossom Hill’s landscape construction division originally started from a love of gardening and over the years we have continued to learn and grow as technology has changed. Custom gardens offer an almost unlimited number of options to beautify your landscape in ways you never thought possible.

Blossom Hill prefers to dig deeper than is necessary and add organic fertilizer along with peat moss to ensure plants adopt seamlessly to their new environment.

Our custom garden experts have over 25 years of experience working in BC and we know exactly what kinds of plants are able to grow and thrive in the moist climate we experience on the west coast. In addition, we have extensive experience maintaining these plants and nurturing their growth.

High-End Custom Lawns

Tired of looking at brown patches? Is there more weeds than actual grass in your lawn? The experts at Blossom Hill will bring a wealth of experience to your yard when it comes to building your high-end custom lawn.

Like any landscape construction, it starts with a solid foundation. We will dig out your previous soil and replace it with 6-8 inches of good top soil to ensure the roots grow deep and strong.

Looking for little to no maintenance? Then let Blossom Hill create a custom lawn using artificial turf. It looks and feels like real grass except it will maintain that freshly cut look all year round.

A key element to any custom lawn installation is drainage. The landscaping experts at Blossom Hill combine innovation and style to deliver a functional lawn that custom designed around the features of your landscape.

As with all of our custom lawn installations, you will have access to our customized maintenance service depending on whether you choose to go with real grass or artificial turf.

I wish to thank Blossom Hill and staff for a job well done last summer. They listened to my ideas and offered suggestions. They were flexible in terms of how I wanted to approach the landscaping work. They paid attention to detail for placing the right plant in the right place. They have an artistic…
Barry McGrath