We see many landscape design companies pop into the market every year, most often it is a few people and a pick-up truck. While most landscape companies should be able to maintain and prune a yard, few are true landscape design companies. Blossom Hill provides you with over a decade of real world design and construction experience.

Landscape design requires a meticulous attention to detail combined with a real working knowledge of the physical installation side of the business. Only the most experienced contractors can effectively design a landscape and then bring it to life in your backyard.

Landscape Design Mantra

Something we like to tell our customers: “anybody can plant a tree and dig a hole, but few companies can visualize the many elements that make up your landscape and then execute the build with precisely and efficiently.” We specialize in combining many different landscape design elements, from water features, to natural stone and masonry elements. By planning the construction of these elements in advance and with an expert level of spacial awareness, we are able to create truly unique designs that feature your personality and creativity.

Blossom Hill uses the latest in design software to accurately and efficiently quote on projects. An efficient landscape design improves upon existing features and makes the best use of the space available. Blossom Hill believes that all landscape designs should work it perfect harmony with natural surroundings. This is the only way to create a long-lasting design that is naturally resistant to soil erosion, leveling or any number of problems a poor design can create.

I wish to thank Blossom Hill and staff for a job well done last summer. They listened to my ideas and offered suggestions. They were flexible in terms of how I wanted to approach the landscaping work. They paid attention to detail for placing the right plant in the right place. They have an artistic…
Barry McGrath