April 30, 2017 Ed Stam

Landscape Drawing in the Fraser Valley

Landscape drawing in the Fraser Valley is the first step to any new project. Conceptualizing a project is important to prevent common mistakes and create attainable goals that make a complicated job much simpler.

The landscape design process starts with an onsite consultation where gather information about your property and your expectations. Here are some benefits of landscape drawing in the Fraser Valley, before you break out the shovels:

Less Maintenance

We like to start every design with the premise that at some point this property has to be maintained. Planning for low maintenance plants and long lasting hard features can eliminate many future headaches.

Personalized Your Landscape

Your property should reflect your personality while being the perfect mix of form and function. Do you need a play area for the kids, or your own personal space of serenity to enjoy a good book? Starting with a drawing will ensure your landscape meets your expectations for its use while maintaining its aesthetics.

Address Problem Areas

Every job has its challenges, but a documented plan enables you to address apparent obstacles in the most efficient way possible.

An experienced landscape designer will address each element of your landscape creatively and purposely to ensure years of enjoyment and use. A design analysis will match your ideas with a designer’s practical knowledge of hard landscaping features. If you aren’t feeling inspired we like to show images of previous jobs to decide what features will fit your lifestyle.

Landscape drawing in the Fraser Valley is essential to any property improvement project. Which is why we use computer generated drawings in full colour to create a visual concept of your landscape makeover. We even use hand drawings to help you visualize the finished project, and understand the budget constraints of what you are trying to create.

Contact the landscape design experts at Blossom Hill and start planning your next project!

Landscape Design Drawing

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