March 2, 2019 Ed Stam

Landscape Spring Cleaning in the Fraser Valley

Officially, the first day of spring is on March 20th, however there is no reason we can’t enjoy the longer days and sunshine throughout the month of March. Landscape spring cleaning in the Fraser Valley should start early and often to ensure your plants are prepared for the growing season. Don’t forget about your hardscape features as well, now is a great time to check for damage and make repairs that aren’t possible in the winter.

Here are some great tips for landscape spring cleaning in the Fraser Valley:


Now is a great time to clear your flowerbeds of debris that accumulate throughout the winter. This includes pinecones, needles, leaves and rotted mulch. Be sure to re-edge the border of your garden to maintain a defined division between your garden and lawn.

Be sure to check all your plants for winter damage, especially the trees. Dead spots on evergreen trees or shrubs should be removed if possible, to prevent further rotting as the temperature gets warmer. Dead limbs should be removed as they are a hazard to people and property.

Now is a good time to fertilize your plants as well. We prefer a good organic mulch to the harsh chemical fertilizers that can damage your plants and any wildlife that encounters it. Your mulch can consist of shredded bark, wood chips, pine straw, sawdust or shredded leaves. Most of which you can find lying around making it cheap and effective!

Hardscape Features

Winter can be damaging to your hardscape features as well. Anything wood, concrete, metal or even plastic has been subjected to excess moisture and freezing temperatures. Especially when the temperature fluctuates from +5 degrees in the day to -5 degrees at night. The daily expansion and contraction make metal and concrete brittle and susceptible to cracking.

Be sure to check your poured concrete, concrete pavers or stone features for damage. Now is a good time to make repairs before the hotter temperatures of summer make the cracks even worse. Hopefully you winterized your water features before the freezing temperatures set in, even still you want to check pumps and pipes for leaks.

Wood decks can become major hazards if not maintained properly. Check for rotting boards, beams and supports to make sure you and your family are not walking on potential death trap.

For more tips on landscape spring cleaning in the Fraser Valley, or if you want to get a free assessment on your new spring project, contact the experts at Blossom Hill Landscape & Design!

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