May 5, 2018 Ed Stam

Landscaping your Property Lines in BC

What are you hoping to accomplish by landscaping your property lines in BC? Once you answer that question, you can narrow down the many options available to you. Here are some of the main reasons for landscaping your property lines:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Views
  • Mark boundary lines

Privacy is what many home owners seek, especially if you live in the suburbs surrounded by people all the time. Building your own private oasis is a great way to relax and unwind from the workweek.

Most people looking for privacy are in a hurry for screening, and don’t want to wait years for shrubs to grow. You can either purchase full-size shrubs, or fast-growing shrubs such as Mock Orange. Evergreens are a solid choice and provide privacy all year-round. We recommend mixing evergreens with flowering shrubs to create contrast and add a touch of colour in the spring and summer.

We also recommend including tall ornamental grasses, they work great when mixed with taller more solid foliage. Maiden or Zebra Grass will add texture to your property lines and they are low-maintenance. Bamboo is also an option, but you have to know what you are doing with bamboo otherwise it can quickly get out of control.

If security is your goal, then consider a hedge of holly shrubs to border your property. They aren’t impenetrable of course, but the barbed leaves are enough deterrent to keep out most trespassers. Of course if you are looking for something more solid, consider a fence to protect your property. Remember if you go with a wooden fence there will be some upkeep, but they are more cost-effective than other hardscaping choices. Stone or rock walls add texture and style to your property, they are also extremely durable and should last a lifetime if built correctly.

If you are looking to protect sight lines, consider a low stone wall that will define your property without restricting views. You can also use trees and shrubbery to “frame” a view from your back deck, while providing the privacy and security you desire.

Planning on landscaping your property lines in BC? Contact the landscape design experts at Blossom Hill today!

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