April 29, 2018 Ed Stam

Multipurpose Landscape Design Ideas

Blossom Hill believes in maximizing the use of any space, no matter the size. Every dollar you spend on your landscape can be twice as useful with a little creativity during the design phase. Landscape design elements can both solve a problem and create an amenity at the same time. Here are some multipurpose landscape design ideas for you to consider.

Double-Duty Walls

Simple walls are used as partitions to divide space, also for privacy. A wall also gives you a static flat surface that is perfect for projections. Consider using a light colour and your wall can function like a movie screen that captures shadows during the day or lighting at night. You can also consider purchasing a projector to turn your wall into a real movie screen, or simply project appealing coloured lights at night.

When subtle grade changes require a retaining wall, there is another opportunity to maximize your investment. If your low walls are designed with human dimensions in mind, they can double as sitting areas all year-round. The key is creating a comfortable top to the wall that is wide enough to sit on, or lie down to sunbathe!

Garden Boulders

Many people enjoy including large boulders to frame their garden, or create a focal point. Large boulders can be costly to install, so why not select flat-topped boulders that double as seating for you and guests. You can use one or several in a circle to encourage people to sit and enjoy the garden all around them. Consider also including a fire pit surrounded by flat topped stones for a rustic and functional space in your garden.

You can also create an outdoor dining space in your garden using large stones. While traditionally outdoor dining spaces are located near the kitchen, modern designs are creating an immersive experience right in your garden.

Be sure to include edible plants in your garden as well, nothing like enjoying a fresh strawberry while enjoying the view from inside your garden! Click here to learn more about creating an edible landscape.

If you want more multipurpose landscape design ideas, we encourage you to contact the experienced landscape designers at Blossom Hill.

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