July 27, 2017 Ed Stam

Rock Gardens for Small Spaces in BC

Not every property has a large area to work with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your space with a beautiful and sturdy rock garden. Rock gardens for small spaces in BC can be used to exploit rocky slopes or to simply add texture to an area that is flat and barren. Here are some things to consider when designing your rock garden.


In a larger space you will often see sprawling naturalistic rock gardens. But if your space is restricted, you can create a small raised bed made of select stones. You can choose a geometric shape or just simply fill a natural space in your garden. You will want to make sure it isn’t in the way of the areas that need to be mowed, corners or even as a center piece are great areas for rock gardens.


The colour spectrum is endless when it comes to natural stone. But it is important to consider the colours already present in your yard, along with the colour of your home. Do you want to match or perhaps use a distinct colour that stands alone in your property? A nice red sandstone will stand out with its bold colour and sharp lines. You can also use Dover Grey stones to give a nice white background for your plants. Consider also combining multiple rock types to create a unique look and feel, perhaps sandstone and black slate?


The colour of your rocks will also help determine what types of plants you will use. If you go with red sandstone, you may want some plants that display silver, yellow and white to create a feast for the eyes. When choosing plants, be sure to consider which species will grow best when the water drains quickly through the soil. Plants that prefer wet soil will not work great in a rock garden. Drought-resistant plants that thrive in the sun are great choices for rock gardens!

Rock gardens for small spaces in BC will also require some sort of mulch to suppress weeds. However traditional mulches may look out of place in a rock garden. The best mulch to use is made out of stone! You can choose stone mulches that match the large rocks in your garden for a practical and beautiful solution.

If you are interested in rock gardens for small spaces in BC, contact the landscaping experts at Blossom Hill Landscape and Design!


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