May 27, 2018 Ed Stam

Tips for Landscaping Around a Pool

Choosing the right hard and soft landscaping features around your pool creates the right look for your outdoor living space. The pool always the focal point of your back yard, choosing the right plants will show off the pool effectively. The wrong choices can detract from the entire scene, or even worse overshadow the focal point of your yard. Here are some tips for landscaping around a pool!

Choosing the right trees

For trees that will be in close proximity to your pool, you want to find options with minimal leaf drop. Nothing is more frustrating than constantly cleaning seed pods, fruit, dead leaves and other debris out of the pool. You also want trees that have shallow root systems, as roots can get into the plumbing and crack concrete. Here are some options to consider:

  • Citrus trees – they add a splash of colour and can be grown in a container for root control and mobility.
  • Evergreen shrubs – they drop minimal debris and are a great option for privacy.
  • Palm trees – although mostly seen in tropical climates, there are three species of palms that can survive in Vancouver. The most common being windmill palms, native to China they can survive the cold winter months.

Sitting areas

Even though the purpose of the pool is for you to jump in and cool off, many people simply enjoy hanging out around the pool. If you are looking for something more permanent and elegant than those plastic deck chairs, here are a couple ideas to consider:

  • Benches – whether made of wood or stone, having some low benches around the pool give your guests a place to sit or stretch out in the sun.
  • Gazebos – if you want a shaded area for meals or entertaining, a gazebo gives you the ability to enjoy the view of your backyard in a comfortable open room.


If you want to upgrade your outdoor living space, here are some great additions to your pool:

  • Fire pits – having one beside your pool increases your entertaining capabilities. It gives you and your guests a warm and cozy place to sit when the sun goes down.
  • Rock formations – playing with character stones is a great way to add some rustic charm to your backyard pool. They can also be used for sitting areas or to create a path around the pool.

If you are looking for more ideas for landscaping around a pool, contact Blossom Hill today for some great poolside landscaping ideas!

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