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Vancouver Landscaping Styles

Back in February of 2016 we did an article on What is Your Landscaping Style? As a follow up we wanted to do another article delving into some more Vancouver landscaping styles that would be right at home in our native British Columbia.

As always consider the unique challenges of your property when choosing a new landscaping style. How much light do you get per day? Are you in an area with a high water table? Here are some Vancouver Landscaping Styles to consider:

Japanese Garden

Vancouver Landscaping Styles - Japanese Rock Garden

Where east meets west, Japanese style landscapes are generally small in scale, require balance and rely on subtle symbolism. Oriental style gardens tend to capture nature in a miniaturized form, without too much focus on symmetry. This style of landscape would use the lines created by nature rather than a more “forced” look found in most western styles. In a Japanese garden style landscape you might find Japanese rock gardens, ponds, small bridges and perhaps a Japanese maple or two.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style Landscape

This might be the most popular style found throughout the world in many different climates. Quite the opposite from a more traditional colonial English style, a Mediterranean landscape would include colourful tiles, outdoor garden sitting areas that include lots of shade elements. That includes pergolas, loggias, arbors and arcades; these elements have been passed down through the centuries from the ancient Roman landscapers.

Formal Garden Style

Vancouver Landscaping Styles - Formal Garden Design

Perhaps you are more of a traditionalist and straight lines with symmetrical angles are more your style. A formal garden style demonstrates complete domination over nature, picture geometric shapes such as squares and triangles. This style would concentrate more on green, leafy plants instead of bright splashes of colourful flowers. A formal garden starts with a focal point such as a fountain, then adds foliage that surrounds it in neat rows, always maintaining the symmetry throughout the design.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to one particular style. In fact some of the most attractive landscapes include elements from multiple styles, all blending together to create a unique outdoor space.

Contact Blossom Hill Landscape & Design for more Vancouver landscaping styles and how you can improve the curb appeal of your property!

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