August 4, 2017 Ed Stam

Weatherproofing your BC Pergola

In British Columbia, we not only experience four full seasons of weather, we occasionally experience all four seasons in a single day. Weatherproofing your BC pergola will enable you to create an outdoor living space, enjoyable in any season!

Pergolas add an interesting element to your backyard, traditionally they are “open air” designs with four columns supporting a flat roof (that can be open or closed). Often these structures are situated very near or even attached to a home. Not to be confused with Arbors which are a much more simple design, if you want to learn more about the difference, click here to view a recent article.

Your basic pergola will leave you exposed to the wind, rain, snow etc. While these structures are great in the summer months to provide a break from the sun, in the fall and winter months you are left exposed to the elements. Why not create a space that can be enjoyed all year round by you and your guests?

There are many options for weatherproofing your BC pergola, weather permanent or temporary. Some of these include:

  • Canvas – simple and easy to install. Canvas can be a great wind break and if treated will repel water from its surface. It is also easy to remove if you want to open up your space on a hot day!
  • Louvers – installed on the top of the pergola, these can be made of wood, fiberglass or a heavy duty plastic. These long panels are installed like “flaps” that overlap like shingles. This allows you to turn them to allow sun in, and close them when foul weather hits.
  • Wood – a more permanent solution, wood can be used as roofing and siding material for your pergola. We recommend installing windows and skylights so you can enjoy nature in the comfort of your own outdoor room!

Weatherproofing for your BC pergola is an important step when creating an outdoor entertainment space! While we do experience hot summers in British Columbia, pretty soon the temperatures will drop and you will enjoy having a space outdoors that is protected from the elements!

If you want to learn more about pergolas and other outdoor living structures, contact the experts at Blossom Hill Landscape & Design!

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