June 25, 2017 Ed Stam

Wood Structures for Your Lawn and Garden

Nothing beats the look, feel and smell of freshly cut cedar; or a dark stained maple! Wood structures for your lawn and garden can be functional, just for show, or both. Most people think of decks and patios when they think wood structures, but there are other less obvious ideas that combine both form and function.

Here are some other wood structures for your lawn and garden:

Garden Arbors

Garden arbors are great for shade or just to add a vertical dimension to your garden. Often arbors are used for trellising as they provide great support to hold up vines. Garden arbors can be planted with ornamental vines, such as Dutchman’s pipe, and serve as an excellent privacy screen or sun shade.


More than just a fun word to say! Gazebos are great for outdoor dining or just a shaded area to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is basically an outdoor room for you to enjoy with family and friends! Although primarily a functional piece, a gazebo will add a beautiful centerpiece to your garden that doubles as an outdoor living space for all to enjoy.

Storage Sheds

For are your light to moderate storage needs, sheds offer a practical solution to keeping your garden tools and patio furniture out of the elements. While it is common to see vinyl sheds these days, nothing looks more natural and inviting then a freshly stained wooden shed. Wooden sheds tend to blend in more with trees and shrubs, making it an ideal way to add some function to your back yard.

There are many other ways wood structures can add a touch of natural style to your property. If you are looking for more wood structures for your lawn or garden, be sure to contact the landscaping experts at Blossom Hill Landscape & Design!

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