February 3, 2016 Ed Stam

What is Your Landscaping Style?

Whether you are considering a few changes or complete overhaul, the first thing you need to do is consider your landscaping style! Everyone has their own personal style and your landscape should reflect your personality. You can start by researching various styles online, some common ones include:


Traditional styles include colonial, townhouse, English and craftsman. A traditional landscape would include the classic rustic picket fence, stone pavers, arbors or even a cast iron bench. If you are looking for a traditional English landscape design you may consider cobblestone, red brick and reed feather grass.


Tropical landscape styles are broken down into the categories of south Pacific, Asian and coastal. A southern Pacific style would include terracotta urns, tiki lamps, thatch umbrellas and teak furniture. An Asian style may include a traditional sand or rock garden, natural stone features and of course bamboo.


For the down home country enthusiast, this style includes influences from the farmhouse, ranch and the rustic Victorian era. Similar to the traditional styles, a country theme would include the classic white picket fence, wicker furniture and painted wood decorations. Fans of a more Victorian theme would have cast iron fountains, lattice work or even a gazebo.


Modern styles include more geometrical, smooth and streamlined elements. Typically windows are large and left un-decorated, conjoining the interior and exterior of the home. The modern landscape will include artistic furniture, picture an outdoor couch with matching pillows. Water features will push the boundaries set by the traditional water fountain. Picture a set of glass or wood panels, staggered to create a unique waterfall effect as the water cascades down them. A modern landscape may include a fire bowl or some other contemporary fire containment system.

These are just some of the styles available, but don’t feel like you need to think inside the box of a particular style. Try combining styles to create a unique space that is an accurate reflection of you!

Consider also your particular tastes, are you sun lover or would you prefer more shade? Do you wish a seating area for guests or would you prefer an open space for activities? What are your favourite colours and which plants will create the effect you are looking for?

Working with an experienced landscape designer is the best way to uncover your landscaping style. Blossom Hill will be able to provide you with new ideas and bring your existing ideas to life, contact us for more details!

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